Copyright War Summit on BrightTalk

09 June 2009

A bullet-less, death-less war sounds like it should be a dream come true. Too bad it's only a poorly named threat to some large industries. The Copyright War is often discussed like some big blockbuster series, complete with rampaging pirates. Today, BrightTalk hosted a Copyright War summit, bringing together webanair presentations from a variety of people in a variety of locations. Topics ranged from the RIAA and ACTA to Creative Commons and Google Book Search.

Unlike the summits, panels and seminars we usually discuss on Ip’s What’s Up, the Copyright War Summit is unique in that you can still see the actual presentations. And they’re free. Originally presented live, the slide shows and accompanying audio were recorded by BrightTalk and remain available on the BrightTalk website. goldenrail was able to attend four of the seven presentations in the summit. Ip’s What’s Up will present small summaries of these presentations over the next few days.

Here is a full list of the presentations and presenters

  • Recording Industry vs. The People - Ray Beckerman
    The Future of Google Book Search – Derek Slater
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), WIPO and in Canada – Howard Knopf
  • Law vs. Technology: Embracing Not Suing New Technologies – E. Michael Harrington
  • Successfully Defending Software Audits – Robert J. Scott
  • Creative Commons: The Sharing Standard – Fred Benenson
  • HADOPI – David-Irving Tayer

[fyi: There’s a few places in the presentations where slides get a little mixed up or presenters get flustered. Many of the presenters were new to BrightTalk and ran into various technical issues. Just bear with them and enjoy!]


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