New Beginnings

01 June 2010

Dear Readers,

I have some wonderful news and some sad news.  First, the wonderful news: I passed the California Bar Exam and am now an attorney!  Now, for the sad news, dtrizzle and I are closing this blog.

For the past year and a half, I have been fortunate to be a contributor for the Afro-IP blog, which focuses on my primary interest area, Intellectual Property law in Africa.  More good fortune has come my way in the form of an invite to also contribute to the copyright-focused 1709 Copyright Blog.  Between the two of these, most of my IP law interests are covered, leaving me very little material to cover on Ip’s What’s Up.  For the few things that do not quite fit on either of those blogs, I will force my family and friends to suffer a little bit of legal musing on my personal blog.  You can read more from dtrizzle at his regular blog.

Thank you all for reading regularly, subscribing and leaving comments.  My experiences with Ip’s What’s Up have been wonderful.  It’s been a great outlet for thoughts and discussions and I owe much to my time with it and you.

Stay well,