Sita Sings the Blues Available under CC License

18 March 2009

imageIp's What's Up is a little late in reporting this, but we wanted to make sure our readers were aware of it.  Nina Paley has released her award winning film, Sita Sings the Blues online under a cc-by-sa (attribution, share alike) license.  The full film is available for download from a variety of sites listed here.

Nina reached an agreement with the rightholders of the musical works used in the film that allows her to distribute the film.  She has chosen to use a cc license for several reasons, one of which is the ordeal she has gone through with respect to copyright licensing. 

It is important to note that while her film is under a cc-by-sa license, the songs within it are not.  What that basically means is you can watch her film, download it, share it, and remix/reuse any of the animation, but not the songs.  The Sita website provides complete details of all musical works included in the song, their rightholders and any other information people might need in order to secure their licenses.

One little piece of irony: Nina became very frustrated with copyright law during her attempts to get her film available for legal distribution.  In some respects, she's become a bit of an anti-copyright spokesperson.  Yet, in choosing to use Creative Commons' share alike license, she's using the full force of the copyright law to control how others use her work.  They must release any derivatives of her work under the same license she has used.  (For more on this type of use of copyright law, see dtrizzle's post on open source software.)

Nina is still looking for sponsors/donators/producers for the film, to help her pay off the large loans she needed to secure the licenses for the musical works.

[image from CC website]


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