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04 February 2009

copyright smile The beginning of a new mini-series

Spend half an hour trying to gather up a good smattering of thoughts on copyright; you'll find plenty of opinions from a range of perspectives.  But chances are, they will all say one thing: something's wrong, this isn't working.  From claims that the 'law's not working, we need to throw it out,' to 'society's not following the rules, we need to make the law tougher,' with plenty in between, it seems most current discussions on copyright focus on what's wrong. 

From Bridgeport to Tennenbaum, through blog posts and news articles, in  Lessig's Remix and Jenkin's Convergence Culture, we're inundated with examples of bad law, unfair rules and thieving kids destroying the foundations of prosperity.  Well, this Ipper's had enough!  And she's left asking: Where's the love?

Well, we have an answer: Here.  Ip's What's Up is beginning a new series looking at good things in copyright, in domestic copyright laws, in world wide agreements, and in how copyright is used.  We may not focus on positive bites every posting, but they'll be sprinkled in until we run out of good things to say about copyright.  Reform's good, but you can't change what isn't working without understanding what is.


Stay tuned...


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