Thank You!

14 January 2009

This past week, Ip's What's Up had its 1,000 visitor!

To our regular readers and those who occasionally stop by, Thank You.   heart yellow and blueWe began Ip's What's Up about four months ago with the intent of creating a place to "engage in conversation and reflect on happenings in the world of IP."  We couldn't have done this without you, our readers; know that you are truly appreciated.  You have made us part of the community, a large community made up of many IP blogs (see sidebar for a sampling), their writers and their readers.  Together, we are expanding the international dialogue on intellectual property issues.

We would like to extend some extra special gratitude to IPKat, Afro-IP  and InventBlog for telling their readers about us, Duncan Bucknell for including our posts in his weekly reviews and CopyrightLaw for mentioning our posts in its tweets.

We hope you enjoy the blog and always welcome your comments and suggestions.


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