Nigerian Trademark Alphabet

26 November 2008

I got the idea for this trademark alphabet from my own Trademarks professor, Judge Kent A. Jordan.  It teaches students how important and valuable trademarks are by showing the students how easily they associate the marks with the products/services the marks represent.

trademark alphabet

Obviously, the marks belong to their respective companies.  I am making no claim to copyright in any selection or organization of the marks.  I am posting this here in case it can be of use to anyone else in Nigeria or elsewhere. Please take, use and adapt it.

This alphabet was created for use in teaching Nigerian secondary students about trademark law.  I tried to select marks that would at least be familiar to the average Nigerian, even if the companies themselves are not Nigerian.  For some, such as the letter "Q," I just had to settle for what I could find.  Suggestions of better marks are welcome.

Just to make it a little interesting, and to keep you tuned, the companies will  appear on Sunday's post.


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